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3 Broken Curses


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New tpb – retail 14.99 – vol3 Broken Curses (13-17; a Breehn Burns). [From Slave Labor: GloomCookie features an ensemble cast of cursed beauties, living wax statues, bad goth poets, malevolent gargoyles and melancholy werewolves. Lex & Damion have been in love for centuries, but a curse drives them apart. The immortal Damion must watch his mortal love die endlessly, incarnation after incarnation. Driven by fear, the wicked Isabella seems to destroy everything she touches, and looks for redemption in the caged heart of a mysterious creature of the dark. Sebastian thought he’d lost his mind when his abilities began to manifest themselves: wishes coming true, creatures slipping in from other dimensions and a monster that lived under his bed and ate his girlfriends. By learning the secrets of his origin and his ties to the Carnival Macabre, he will soon come to find that with extraordinary gifts come extraordinary sacrifices…]

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