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2 Amrahlynn


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New tpb – retail 15.99 – 2 Amrahlynn (4-issue mini; w Keith Davidson; a Aaron Bordner). [From Sirius Entertainment: Amrahlynn is the world of Poison Elves, where Tolkien-fantasy meets Goth-sensibility in a continuing struggle between the races of man, elf, troll and pixie. This volume is a collection of character solo stories by Davidsen and Bordner, bound together by the narration of fan favorite, funny-guy Parintichin. Each story features one of Lusiphur’s friends or nemeses, like Cassandra, Lynn & Jace and – of course – The Purple Marauder, in a complete tale of mayhem and debauchery, as the case may be. Also included are three extremely rare stories by Drew Hayes, never before available in graphic novel form, all wrapped together with a brand new cover by Hayes.]

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