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New digest – retail 5.99 – vol 1 Incredible (1-4; w Mike Raicht; a Alex Sanchez, Patrick Scherberger & Ryan Odagawa). [From Marvel Comics: The Green Goliath smashes his way into the Marvel Age! Don’t make him angry — you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. When Bruce Banner loses control, he becomes a very different man — the unstoppable creature men call the Hulk! He may in fact be the strongest one there is! Follow Bruce as he travels across America and the Hulk takes on dangerous enemies — including mutated insects, angry aliens and one of his greatest foes: the Abomination! Bear witness to never-before-told Hulk adventures in the thrilling Marvel Age manner! As the newest hero of the Marvel Age, this Hulk is sure to be a smash!]

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