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1 Hyena


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New tpb – retail 14.99 – 1 Hyena (4-issue mini; w Keith Davidson; a Scott Lewis). [From Sirius Entertainment: She’s the deadliest witch in all the world. She’s the only woman to ever tame the rogue elf, Lusiphur. Her name is Hyena, and she doesn’t do “helpless.” Delve into the realm of Hyena, one of the most beloved characters to inhabit the world of Poison Elves. Reeling from recent heartbreak, Hyena falls victim to a band of marauding demons. Stripped of power, she joins the earth elemental Quinn on a perilous adventure through the shadows of Amrahly’nn. But she soon discovers that her stolen magic is not the only prize at stake. Drawn into the ancient war between Elves and Trolls, her quest may wind up dooming the world! The first installment in the Poison Elves Ventures collection, Hyena explores a side of Amrahly’nn unseen by the charismatic antihero Lusiphur. Gathering all four issues of the popular Hyena miniseries by Keith Davidson and Scott Lewis, this volume also features two short stories by series creator Drew Hayes: “The Crow” and “Hell Hath No Fury,” unveiling the sordid past and lost loves of our alluring heroine.]

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