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Our website seems to be very popular by hackers and thats why we enforce very strict rules for login- and password procedures.  The site is protected by several mechanisms to make it impossible for hackers to enter our back office and steal YOUR data!

Login protection:

One of those mechanisms is the Login protection: As soon as someone tries to login with a faulty password more than 3 times within a period of 10 minutes , that username is LOCKED OUT  for 10 minutes.

Thats means you cannot login, even with the correct password!
And during that 10 minute period the Lost Password option is blocked TOO!

And when the Lost Password option is is used without succes more than 2 times in a period of 10 minutes,  another 10 minutes is added to the Locked Out period!

The solutions:

  1. Don’t forget your password…
  2. When in trouble WAIT for 10 minutes (AND NO SECOND LESS)!
  3. When the first and second login attempts fail, use the Lost Password option on the Login form to reset your password!
  4. And if all else fails, use our contactform to contact us!
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